Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy aims to determine the terms and conditions with respect to the use of information and data of the Visitors/Customers of [ “the Website” and/or “the Site” and/or “” ] provided by Bariyer İç Mimarlık ve Dekorasyon San. ve Tic. A.Ş. [ “Barrier”]. Please note that this Privacy Policy is an annex to and an integral part of Terms of Use and capitalised expressions herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the Terms of Use.

This Privacy Policy governs the information Barrier collects, how this information is used and disclosed and your preferences as to the gathering and usage of this data as well as the products and services Barrier offers through the Website. It shall be noted that you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your information by Barrier as prescribed in this Privacy Policy when you access and use the Website. Barrier shall not disclose any personal data submitted by the Visitors/Customers ( name, surname, company details, address, telephone number, e-mail address and/or any kind of descriptive information concerning the visitor/Customer), to third parties except for the purposes of the Distant Sales Agreement which shall be executed between Barrier and the Visitor/Customer, when the Visitor/Customer demonstrates the will to purchase a product which is displayed on the Website and a mutual agreement is reached between the parties and as indicated therein.

Please note that we place the utmost importance on your privacy and care highly about your contentment when using our web-site. This Privacy Policy applies to Customers of Barrier and to all who access the site. Within this context, Barrier undertakes to keep the personal data private and confidential, consider such undertaking as a secrecy obligation, take all necessary measures and demonstrate the required care in order to ensure and maintain confidentiality and prevent the confidential data to be disclosed to the general public fully or partially or to prevent the unauthorised use or disclosure to a third party. Such personal data may be used for the purposes of contacting the Visitor/Customer and/ or enhancing the contents, products and the services of and provided by the Website through Visitor/Customer tendencies and preferences.

In addition to the personal information that are submitted by the Visitor/Customer, when deemed necessary for the purposes of the Website, may automatically collect data including but not limited to ; the location, IP address, the requested pages of the Visitor/Customer and record this passively collected information in its server log through various technologies (e.g. cookies). It shall be noted that the above mentioned information, collected and stored through various technologies cannot be used to identify any Visitor/Customer therefore shall be treated as non-identifiable data by Barrier. The purpose in collecting non-identifiable information is to monitor and keep track of; the number of Visitors/Customers, their preferences and product tendencies. The above mentioned data may be used by Barrier for research and survey purposes on aggregate basis in order to comprehend Visitor/Customer preferences and demands therefore to be able to improve the services provided by Barrier may disclose personal and/or non-identifiable information to third parties in the events that; such disclosure is obligatory so as to fulfil any obligations under the Distant Sales Agreement mentioned above, such or any information is requested by a competent administrative or judicial authority for the execution of a research or investigation in accordance with the applicable legislation and disclosure of the aforementioned information is necessary for the protection of rights and security of the Visitor/Customer.

Please note that all intellectual property rights and any rights attached and incorporated within, regarding the designs and products and their images displayed via belong to Barrier and the display of these designs and/or products shall not grant the Visitor/Customer and/or any third party any entitlement to breach the intellectual property rights held by Barrier.
Any links to other websites and/or applications that Barrier does not control or operate included within the Website will not be subject to this Privacy Policy. The links from the Website to these websites and/or applications do not imply that we endorse or have any information with regard to their content and/or their policies. Barrier may revise, modify and/or alter this Privacy Policy and/or its provision anytime at its own convenience. These updates will be reflected by changing the “effective date” above. We advise you to read this Privacy Policy whenever you access the Website forasmuch as your continued use of the Website will stand for your consent to the amended Privacy Policy and any revised provision within.

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