Barrier studio creates living spaces.
Using materials designed for different purposes and used in the past; barrier studio creates a connection between good old times and today. The stories of the materials combined by the power of light, give people a space to write their own stories. Barrier studio is not the brand name of a product. Barrier studio is the name of a perspective in design.

Koray Kırca

Koray Kırca was born in 1978. He has been selected to the Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts / Interior Architecture Department in 1998. He participated to many competitions and received awards in that period. He was graduated in 2003 and started to work in the field of product and space design. He worked as a designer for a year in different companies and then he started his own business. He put his mark on many hotel, house, office, fair, and department store projects. He also managed many projects in Africa.

Today, he continues on working architectural projects and design projects like furniture and lightning appliances design.